Restaurant Magic

"Making evenings out more special."


Professional Entertainer, Michael Raymer will help you Increase traffic, with a family oriented attraction that appeals to all ages.

A magician offers a unique experience for any type of restaurant or lounge. Whether a "family night out" or a candle light dinner, put magic back into dining out! Without the need of a stage. 

A perfect way to top off a fantastic evening and ensure the return customer.

Couple laughs while dining at restaurant

The miracles happen inches from the eyes of the viewers as Michael moves from table to table, group to group, or person to person, making MAGIC and SMILES appear.

Michael is part of your TEAM!

Michael does not get in the way of your busy wait staff. In fact, he works in synergy with your staff as a member of the team, greeting customers and answering questions.

  • Unique entertainment

  • A cover for delays in seating or in the kitchen

  • A way of attracting return customers

  • A way of attracting free Publicity

  • A way to handling crowd flow, either to delay or hurry customers in a fun way

So, what are you waiting for?

Let us entertain your guests and ensure they leave talking about not only the fine food but also the entertainment.

If you are looking for something  to make your  restaurant stand out from the rest

Magic IS the answer.

Call today, to find out why.

Call BEFORE your competitor does!

(502) 644-7829

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